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«Sunline-Stroy» ltd.

(812) 740-75-47


St-Petersburg, Beloostrovskaya 22,
Center «Chernaya rechka», 3rd floor

"Sunline-Stroy" company is a general contracting organization, which provides the full range of construction services from the initial idea up to putting the designed and completed object into operation.


«Sunline-Stroy» is a multi-functional general contractor. Our staff includes specialists in all fields necessary for completion of designing, coordination , construction and reconstructions of commercial , industrial and residential constructions. «Sunline-Stroy» has all necessary certificates , Licenses and SRO permits for completion of general designing and construction of buildings of different types.

Under the superstition of professionals in different engineering and technical specializations, highly-qualified workers equipped with all necessary modern materials, instruments and equipment are able to complete constructing, finishing and engineering in the shortest terms and at a high level of quality.

Fulfilliment of General contracting functions includes the following types of works:
  • Completion, in the terms set by “Working schedule”, of all construction and assembling works on construction of the Object , which are specified by the project documentatio;
  • Actions when performing construction works in accordance with working drawings and building codes and rules, technical and project documentation, which specify the volume and content of Works, requirements for them as well as the budget of the works performed by «Sunline-Stroy»;
  • Obtaining of all permissions and coordination for fulfillment of construction works from state bodied in the terms set by the Work schedule as well as helping the Customer to obtain coordination and permissions, assigned to him by the Russian legislation;
  • Participation and help in the course of the Object being checked by State Inspection and construction inspection;
  • Construction, by our own means, on the territory of construction site, of falseworks for storing of materials and equipment used for completion of Works under the acting agreement;
  • Organization , within the limits of the construction site, of temporary connection to engineering services and electric networks for the period of the Works completion;
  • Provision, during all the period of the Works completion, of order on the territory of the construction site and falseworks, as well as cleaning and timely garbage removal;
  • Provision of the necessary site protection of the Object during all the period of the Works completion;
  • Conclusion of all necessary subcontracts for completion of works within the terms set by the agreement, selection of subcontractors, terms and costs of works being coordinated with the Customer;
  • Provision of Object construction with all necessary materials, equipment and constructions;
  • Guarantee of observation of fire safety norms, of protection of labor, safety methods, environmental protection and other norms and rules specified by Russian legislation as well as by the Customer’s qualifying standards on the territory of construction;
  • Upon the completion of construction – passing to the Customer of all executive schemes of planned position of the Object, lifting of planimetric base points (geodetic surveying), breakdown of the major axes of control, geodetic surveying of the mounted bearing constructions;
  • Passing to the Customer of all the executive documents, critical structures and hidden works;
  • Participation in signing of the Act by the Acceptance Committee, of the Certificate of Acceptance of the capital construction object and the Commissioning Act.