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«Sunline-Stroy» ltd.

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St-Petersburg, Beloostrovskaya 22,
Center «Chernaya rechka», 3rd floor

"Sunline-Stroy" company is a general contracting organization, which provides the full range of construction services from the initial idea up to putting the designed and completed object into operation.


The designing department of «Sunline-Stroy» provides professional and high-quality working out of any part of project documents – from the idea up to the stage of technical designing in accordance with building codes and rules acting on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

The vast experience of contact with state official bodies, with supervising and managing bodies, as well as with operational organizations enables us to provide the Customer with all necessary help in obtaining technical specifications, instructions and coordination of project documents.

Fulfillment of General contractor’s functions includes the following:

«Preproject offers» stage

  • Initial planning and building permits:
  •     – Design-permitting letter from KGA (Committee for City Planning and Architecture);
        – Designing task coordinated and approved by the Customer and the St.Petersburg EMERCOM Dpt;
        – Conclusion on the results of foundation and construction inspection (when performing reconstruction);
        – Topographical shooting М 1:500, with red lines application and horizontal planning projects;
        – Engineering and ecological research – radiation monitoring and chemical analysis of soil samples;
        – Measured drawings (when performing reconstruction);
        – Preliminary technical specifications for connecting to outdoor engineering systems
        – Project of land tenure boundaries;
  • Working out of the documents for the stage of Preliminary Designing:
  •     – Photo-fixation of the Object;
        – Executive Summary;
        – General layout;
        – Architectural solutions;
        – Approval of the draft design by the Customer;
        – Constructive solutions;
        – Demonstration material for the Chief Architect of St. Petersburg;
        – Environment protection;
        – Fire protection;
        – Engineering systems and equipment;
        – Schematic diagrams of engineering system;
        – Load calculation;
        – Technological solutions.
  • Coordination of the documents of Preliminary Designing stage:
  •     – Coordination with the district architect of KGA (general layout);
        – Coordination with chief architect of St. Petersburg;
        – Coordination with KGIOP (Committee on State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks) – when performing reconstruction;
        – Certificate by Rospotrebnadzor (Directorate for Consumer Rights and Health Protection);
        – Coordination with the Public transport department of KGA;
        – Coordination with GIBDD (State Traffic Safety Inspectorate) – General layout;
        – Coordination with USPH (Landscape Directorate);
        – Certificate by Rostechnadzor (Russian Technical Supervision Service).

    «Draft project» stage

  • Initial planning and building permits:
  •     – Town planning layout;
        – Designing task coordinated with and approved by the Customer and the St. Petersburg EMERCOM Dpt;
        – Certificate on the results of foundation and construction inspection – when performing reconstruction;
        – Approved project of land tenure boundaries;
        – Technical specifications for used building constructions, products and materials;
        – Letter of Permit from KGIOP;
        – Engineering and ecological research;
        – Initial data and requirements on engineer and technical events by EMERCOM;
        – Minutes of public hearings (if necessary);
        – The conclusion of state fire supervision;
        – Coordinated preproject offers;
        – Technical specifications for connecting to outdoor engineering systems;
  • Working out of the documents of working project stage;
  • Executive Summary;
  • General layout;
  • Situational plan 1:2000;
  • The plans of organization of the relief and roadway maintenance works;
  • Plans for land improvement and landscaping
  • Plan of soil mass dislocation and earthwork balance;
  • Drainage plan;
  • Architectural solutions;
  • Architectural interiors;
  • Constructive solutions:
  •     – Monolithic construction frames;
        – Metallic constructions;
  • Technological solutions;
  • Heating, ventilation and conditioning, cooling:
  •     – Systems of heating by local heating devices;
        – Heat supply systems;
        – Air curtain heating;
        – Ventilation (natural and mechanical);
        – Cooling;
        – Smoke removal;
        – Emergency after-fire ventilation;
  • Indoor sanitation, drainage, gutter:
  •     – Cold water supply;
        – Hot water supply;
        – Gutters;
        – Sewerage;
  • Power electric equipment, electric lighting:
  •     – Main switchboards;
        – Lightning protection and grounding;
        – Power mains;
        – Indoor electric lighting;
        – Façade highlight, illuminated advertisement;
        – Electric heating of funnels and gutters;
        – Systems of no-break power;
  • Low-voltage network;
  •     – Systems of fire alert;
        – Fire alarm;
        – Burglar alarm;
        – Access control;
        – Video Surveillance;
        – Municipal radio installation;
        – Computer network;
        – Telephone installation;
  • Fire protection;
  • Energetic passport of the object (ТСН 23-340-2003);
  • Environment protection;
  • Engineering and technical events in civil defence. Emergency situation prevention measures;
  • Organization of construction;
  • Technological regulation for waste management;
  • Coordination stage of the Working draft:
  •     – Coordination with the district architect KGA (general layout);
        – Coordination with the chief architect of St. Petersburg;
        – Coordination with OPS (Underground Structures Department) of KGA;
        – USPH (Landscape Directorate)
        – Coordination GUCKB (Center for Provision of Urban Amenities);
        – Coordination with GIBDD – General layout;
        – Decision of the State Commission on Examination of Project Documentation and the results of engineering research.