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«Sunline-Stroy» ltd.

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St-Petersburg, Beloostrovskaya 22,
Center «Chernaya rechka», 3rd floor

"Sunline-Stroy" company is a general contracting organization, which provides the full range of construction services from the initial idea up to putting the designed and completed object into operation.


Turnkey realization of engineering systems complex

  • Turnkey realization of engineering systems complex;
  • Turnkey assembling of engineering systems;
  • Delivery of all range of equipment for engineering systems of buildings and construction;

«Sunline-Stroy» fulfils complex projects of engineering systems of buildings as well as separate system projects – low-voltage, informational, electrical, climatic, etc.:

  • Systems of power supply up to 35 kW;
  • Indoor systems of power supply;
  • Electric lighting, both indoor and outdoor;
  • Systems of uninterruptable power supply;
  • Structured cable systems (SCS);
  • Systems of ventilation and conditioning;
  • Systems of heating and heat supply;
  • Indoor sanitation;
  • Low-power systems and computer networks;
  • Complex safety systems (burglar alarm , access control and management, video surveillance);
  • Systems of fire safety (fire alarms, systems of gas and water fire suppression);
  • Automation of engineering systems and dispatching;
  • Systems of reception and distribution of air and satellite television.

The majority of projects made by «Sunline-Stroy» are realized by our own forces. The obligatory practice for our engineers is visiting the objects and designer supervision. We represent the Customer when coordinating project documents in supervising bodies.

Integrated realization of engineering systems

Under the term “realization” we understand the delivery of the equipment and materials, fulfillment of assembling, commissioning of systems and their commissioning to the Customer and state supervision bodies.

We works both upon our own projects as well as upon the projects made by external project organizations. In the latter case engineers of «Sunline-Stroy» analyze the project documents and basing on this analysis offer the Customer different variants of improvement of systems characteristics, usually together with c cost reduction and/or reducing the terms of the project realization.

As we possess our own designing resources, to reduce the general terms of designing and work completion possible is the variant of equipment supply and assembling of systems in parallel with performing the designing jobs. This variant requires, no doubt, efficient Customer’s participation in coordination of technical solutions, but allows to reduce the terms significantly.

Our assembling crews are the teams of professional: electricians, low-power circuitry specialists, ventilation specialists. All fitters are equipped with professional instruments – by Wurth, Hilti, Zarges, and convenient uniform for working indoors and outdoors. For assembling of optical communication lines used is the equipment for optical fibers welding by Fujikura.

The systems commissioning is performed according to the methods and requirements of the equipment producers as well as on the base of acting managing documents’ requirements.

For the systems of electric power and electric illumination: performing of a set of electrical measurings by our own certified laboratory;

For SCS: measuring of the parameters of copper and optical communication lines is done by FLUKE scanners with registration of appropriate protocols;

For the safety systems, multimedia and TV: performance testing of the systems, coordination with the Customer’s requirements, work demonstration, Customer’s staff training;

For ventilation systems: performance testing of separate plants, coordination of automatic systems, complex systems approbation , measuring of the necessary parameters, work demonstration, Customer’s staff training.

Upon the completion of works the Customer receives the full set of executive documents:

  • project documents, corrected upon the results of assembling;
  • operating instructions;
  • passports, certificates;
  • necessary technical acts;
  • commissioning of works to the supervising authorities.

We can fulfill the Customer’s functions for commissioning of fire protection systems and the systems of power supply to the supervising bodies. For this, our specialists together with the Customer prepare the documents and represent the Customer’s interests when commissioning the object.

Work in the regions. «Sunline-Stroy» has a rich experience in completion of complex engineering projects all over Russia – from Murmansk to Novorossiysk, from St. Petersburg and Moscow to Sakhalin.