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"Sunline-Stroy" company is a general contracting organization, which provides the full range of construction services from the initial idea up to putting the designed and completed object into operation.

Telecommunicational company Miran Ltd . Data Processing Center

Object: Data Processing Center.

Address: St. Petersburg, Pirogovskaya emb., 17, b.7, lit. А.

Customer: Telecommunicational company Miran Ltd.

Terms of works completion: 15 September 2009 – present.

Works completed: Designing and assembly of the engineering system for Data Processing Center for 96 server poles, including:    • Systems of dedicated power supply, including the source of uninterrupted power supply;    • Diesel-generator set;    • Electric lighting;    • Systems of ventilation, conditioning and smoke removal;    • Raised floor and cable constructions;    • Structured cable systems;    • Automatic gas fire suppression systems for server rooms;    • Fire alarm;    • Burglar alarm;    • Systems of access control;    • Systems of video surveillance.

The project particular:The design of replanning of the existing building for housing the Data Processing Center was done in the shortest terms, equipment was bought and assembly of the engineering system was done. The design solutions by engineers of “SUNLINE” Ltd enabled to place the necessary quantity of server boxes and accompanying engineering equipment compactly on the allocated space (the total area of the building 450 sq.m.).

One of the solutions , which enabled compact placement of the equipment was to locate the power-generating unit on 2 floors placing the heavy equipment (uninterrupted power sources, accumulators) on the 1st floor and relatively light panels with switching units (main distribution switchboard, power switchboard) – on the 2nd.

In the course of working out the design a decision was made to divide the premises of the building so that to organize independent zones: 3 server halls including a hall for high-powered server boxes, a communication site, an electrical control room, premises for UPS, a battery room, as well as premises for the maintenance staff and storing SPTA.

Server rooms of the Data Processing Center were oriented at installation of computer equipment with different requirements in terms of both power supply and cooling: server room of high density allows to house 10 boxes with equipment up to the capacity of 15 kVt per box. The main hall was to house 70 boxes with the capacity of 6.5 kVt. The third hall was for open-type 16 poles with the capacity of 3.5 kVt. Special premises were allocated for switchgear and channelizing equipment– i.e., the communication site.

The design supposes dividing the construction of the Data Processing Center into several launching stages. The total designed capacity consumed by the Data Processing Center is 900 kVA.

As for the power supply, the object is fed according to the 1st category from the own transformer substation with two independent transformers 6/0,4kV with the capacity of 1.000 kilovolt-ampere each, located in the adjacent premises. The main distribution switchboard of the object is done with the use of the reserve automatic input device (AID) on motorized machines. The category of the object power supply is the 1st special 1 особая, an additional power supply is placed on the plot – a diesel-generator set in the shape of container. The DGS is used in the mode of hot standby, i.e. the optimal charge of start accumulator is constantly kept as well as the optimal temperature of the oil in the crank case and of coolant fluid at any time, including season problems. The time of the DGS getting into working mode does not exceed 30 sec.

The system of uniterrupted power of the Data Processing Center is organized with the use of high-powered no-break power sources (UPS ) (250kVA) with the regard of reserving UPS components, switching machines and mains according to the scheme N+1. UPS have accumulator batteries designed for 8 minutes’ support of the total load.

Each server box is fed by two independent supply lines, which enables to plug in the server equipment with power standby. For connecting carriers with the supply of 48V DC an electric power set (EPS) is provided with the capacity of 8 kWt with built-in accumulators for 30 minutes’ support. EPS has a possibility of extension up to 32 kWt.

The systems of cooling of the server halls are also done with the regard of reserving components N+1. Conditioning of the main server hall is done by six sensitive conditioners Uniflair with direct cooling, cooling efficiency of 88.6 kilowatt each. The scheme of air change in the main hall is done with the regard of organization of hot and cold corridors with the use of plenum space under the raised floor (the height of raised floor is 650 mm). Cooling in the hall with high-powered boxes is done on the basis of hermetic server boxes with built-in conditioners and an outside cooling plant (chiller). The system of ventilation secures back-up of air into the server halls as well as surge and exhausting of the air in the other premises of the Data Processing Center.

The universal high-speed SCS made on the base of fibre channels ОМ3 and 24 UTP copper cables, category 6, enables to organize different variants for solutions of computer network within the Data Processing Center . A standard Server box is connected to the communication site by 12 fibre channels, class OM3 with strand termination by jacks of LC type and 24 UTP copper cables category 6. At the communication site an optic cross-connect of high density by Huber+Suhner is installed. One cabinet of cross-connect is designed to place up to 1920 optic jacks in it.

All power and feeble current cable lines in server halls are located optimally in trays under the raised floors.

The automatic gas fire suppression system in the server halls enables to minimize the risk of breakage of the server equipment in case of emergency. To reduce the size of pipelines and to increase the reliability of the gas fire suppression system in the main server hall it was decided to organize the system as 4 independent modules with separate pipe distribution.

The security system of the object (video surveillance, systems of access control and burglar alarm) along with 24-hours’ service control of the object minimize the risk of penetration of burglars and the probability of deliberate breakage or stealing of the equipment.

Besides, SUNLINE Ltd fulfils the complex of warranty and post-warranty servicing of all engineering systems of the Data Processing Center for timely detection of potential technical problems and meeting the requirements on fault tolerance of the complex in general.